Prosecutors are charged with the responsibility to seek justice and protect the safety of all members of our communities, and to do so with truth and transparency. In light of this calling, the Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorneys Association would like to take a moment to reflect on what is transpiring across the nation and in our county, and acknowledge the pain felt by so many.

As an association of prosecutors, we believe it is critical for us to be empathetic to those crying out for change and recognize that there is always room for growth. Humility and candor are necessary in a time like this. As such, we commit ourselves anew to listening to the needs and concerns of the Santa Barbara community, and we stand unified with you in seeking justice. We hear, we understand, and we are part of the solution.

Prosecutors are held to the highest ethical standard in the legal profession. We collectively strive for equality, fairness, and accountability. Prosecutors are the voice for victims of crime, no matter their race, origin, wealth, or status. We represent ALL of the People of the State of California. We support law enforcement officers whom are dedicated to protect and serve our community. We also stand against any excessive use of force by officers and believe that nobody is above the law. The Deputy District Attorneys Association is here to work toward a better community through the fair and ethical pursuit of justice.

Anthony Davis, President SBDDAA