The Santa Barbara Deputy District Attorney's Association proudly endorses Assistant District Attorney John Savrnoch for Santa Barbara District Attorney in the upcoming election.  After three terms as the District Attorney for Santa Barbara County, and many more years as a Deputy District Attorney before that, Joyce Dudley has announced that she will retire at the conclusion of her current term in January 2023.  ADA John Savrnoch has faithfully served in DA Dudley's administration for the past six years, and will now take on the role of chief prosecutor for the County of Santa Barbara.
ADA Savrnoch has been a prosecutor for 30+ years, coming to Santa Barbara after 23 years in Fresno County where he was a supervisor/administrator for 12 years, including the roles of Assistant District Attorney and Chief Assistant District Attorney.  Since coming to Santa Barbara County, ADA Savrnoch has been involved in high-level administrative decisions related to employee recruitment, budget preparation, policy setting, and interagency relations.  ADA Savrnoch's endorsement by County administrators and leaders within the criminal justice system speaks to his ability to work with all involved to insure public safety.  He is uniquely situated to carry on the business of running the District Attorney's Office and, as such, is enthusiastically endorsed by the very prosecutors he intends to lead.